Jeff Duncan Assails SC Supreme Court


U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan lashed out angrily at the S.C. Supreme Court this week, slamming the Justices for their decision to remove additional candidates... read more>>

Jeff Duncan Called For Energy Independence For The United States


“I’m for an ‘all the above’ energy approach. That includes nuclear power, that’s opening up the areas that are off... read more>>

Humble Rep. Duncan Passes Out Kudos to S.C. Delegation, Talks Romney


Third Congressional Rep. Jeff Duncan spoke to the Greenville Republican Women on Tuesday about the men he serves with in Washington and what Mitt Romney... read more>>

House blocks funding for 'Law of the Sea' treaty


House members on Friday threw a wrench into the Pentagon's plans to finalize a vital international treaty, which the department claims will keep the... read more>>

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