Congressman Duncan Holds Meetings with Greenwood Constituents

There are most certainly times when residents have wanted a chance to meet with their U.S. representative on an individual basis to discuss certain issues.

On Wednesday, Greenwood residents had that chance.

Third District U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan was in Greenwood on Wednesday morning for individual meetings with various constituents at Park Plaza. The constituents – ranging from everyday concerned residents to educational representatives such asLander University’s Adam Taylor to state Rep. Anne Parks and others – were able to spend one-on-one time with the congressman to talk about various topics.

“This was our time to meet with constituents,” Duncan said. “We have people who have needs or just want the ear of the congressman to express frustration or express support or give us ideas about legislation. … It’s a chance to have time with constituents and find out what’s going on.”

There have been several reports in recent days about South Carolina’s attempts to maintain its “first in the South” status for the GOP presidential primary. Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina are typically the first four states to host primaries, though Florida officials recently began making overtures about holding that state’s primary as early as Jan. 31, 2012.

Duncan said it is important for South Carolina to maintain its “first in the South” primary status.

“South Carolina has a unique opportunity, as it has had in the past, to be the first in the South primary and have the nation’s attention focused on the state,” he said. “What that does is it makes those candidates come to South Carolina and listen to South Carolinians about what they feel like is important for the nation. I think it is a great thing for the state. I know that chairman of the (state) Republican Party Chad Connelly has worked very, very hard to make sure that (first in the South) position is maintained.”

In recent weeks, numerous potential GOP candidates for president – including Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and others – have been furiously campaigning to become the GOP frontrunner for a shot at the White House.

by Chris Trainor,